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Grats on first naxx kill guy´s
Who knows macro`s for rogue !!!!
Why do you rogue`s only view?
A bit early but start looking these thingy`s!!!!
Please read about AQ40 strategy!!!!!!
Pick ya fight!!
Rogue builds .
BWL completed.
this guy is INSANE!!!
The materials you all need to gather for your TIER3 set!!!
The things i am going to roll for !!!
Saying hello
Uber dagger ^^
Tip for my rogue alt
Hello everyone
Rogue`s vs razergore!!
The rogue`s vs ragnaros!!!!
the rogue`s looking good
For the rogue`s inside the MC experience!!!!!!.
What rogue@s need to do inside big instances.!!!!!!!
Please use this topic
The Rogue Forum
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