Archive for The Old Disorganised Forum Disorganised now exists only in our hearts and in our minds, all that remains here are the memories of better times

Disorganised Announcements
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Propecia Era Bueno
Pierce, Bannor, Ualagenz - tony, dave, darren!!
reunion - 2014
Keeping it alive
leaving guild
Finally i logged in here lol
Hello guys ! =)
Ex members and alts.
Laters dudes
left but not fully read below and ill explain
Huld has left the building
Outlands DKP
hey guys
Stability and going forward
jewelcrafting for the guild
1 last word
Life's a ****
KOJ - Reborn
Voidex R.I.P. for the last time
Game Over
left the guild
My absence.
Good bye
Good Bye
Empowered is gone
Bye Bye for now
Sorry guys and goodbye
Away for some days
History Of Disorganised (updated 16/5/06)
What we exspect you to bring with you in Molten Core raids.
New DKP site and signup for MC
mc progress +pics
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