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peoples thoughts about raiding
Gruul positioning diagram
MC - and a question
The new Herioc key list
attunements WFT
Some basic info
Addons for Raids
Heroic keys (what do you have)
2 groups
Progression and rotation
Raids with me
Away for the weekend
Raid days and what times
About karazhan, what to expect
Karazhan Info - Boss Strats, Diagrams
TS down.... whell try this one
Attunment To Karazhan
Tier 3 quest from Naxx
my first sony ....ehh video lol
our first naxx kill
Ahn Qiraj Opening of the gates quest
Twin Emps
Me leaving early
an addon for all healing classes.
phase 1 ownage for nefarian. easy
Crit ftw part 2?
Twin Emps
Check this video plz
AFK's in raids
No Raiding for Disorganised
AQ40 dkp
Raid days and time!!! for now till we have BWL on farm
Last night BWL nerferian attempt
DKP error
NEFARIAN killing guide (read plx) !!
Potions for Raids
BWL all the way
Posibily a stupid idea for a ony raid
Zg list
ZG raids-priority and dkp.What do you think?
Raid pop up
if you're getting raidinfo pop-ups read here...
The Calling and Twilight cultist lords
New TS server
Can we do ZG/AQ in god dam DKP !?
Suberb razorgore video tutorial
found this on azjol-nerub community site
Razorgore kill video !!! watch this.
BWL guide
Hakkar !
Molten Core Downed Bosses
AQ'20 Tactics
Onyxia Attunement tonight
Ragnaros Howto Video
MC Runes - Aqual Quintessence progress
Mods you really must have
Link to MC tactics
Naxxramas and other attunements
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