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Guild Chat
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Moving House
Structural Changes
guild behaviour
Tail between legs time
The Eye - Some in-game Diso movies
Opera fight in progress
RL profile
A lil about myself - Cullyn
a few thoughts i felt i needed to share
leaving today
Where i live!
Byebye for awhile!!
Reducing my online time
NEW guild pictures thread
Kalynna's Request
Its my time to leave :\
Farewell Dear Friends.
not been on much
Still at work!!
Guild Meeting
[color=yellow]JEWELCRAFTING GEMS (RARE)[/color]
Preperations to summon Nightbane.
cancelled my wow sub
Congrates on the Prince
Computers are Super Rubbish!!!
Computers are Rubbish
Pc trouble
Back in business
May I suggest...
Motivation - Fun - Disorganised.
Guild calendar
5 vs 5
Old style WoW
Too many gnomes and dwarves
This should learn the dps classes to watch aggro :P
Diso webpage ???
Grats Millenia!
FILL THIS FORM OUT - All guild members must fill in!
I knew it lvl 70 in 28h he must have used this!!
Nerf warriors?
Naxx raid on the 3rd
Account hacked!!
empires doing damage so ill do healing lol
My max real shot ^^
I'm out=(
Computer caught a virus =S
Do you miss me?
Good bye to you all
Bearer of Bad News
*cries* my comp...
Guild Tabard - Vote for your fav design!
ZG idol
Rotation of players/ class members
4 generations
Early Mc run Pics
wanna see gush? wel here is your chance
Spreadin the love...
The New Disorganised HQ!!!
The Guild Tabard!!
Whos getting The Burning Crusade?
Word up for pallies , and non believers
Loot rules in ZG
Goodbye Disorganised =)
Raid signups
Can any of the officers post an shortlink of AQ40 strategy!!
A change in play stlye!
BWL (14/9/06)
Application Discussion Forum
Problems with Raiding.....
New Patch and updated addons on our dkp site
ZG/AQ20 Loot System idea
Message to Members - Important development
raiding from 31st to 6th
Time up...
Holiday for Jurjen
onyxia cloaks
Discombobulator Ray
Holiday for Azzindiir
The Guild Bank
comments on the BWL sign-ups
Vaelastrasz The Corrupt Strategy - indepth! (ninjared)
Scarfe as xtra Healer - attunement.
Disorganised Ragnaros Wallpaper
Importance of Applications.
Your Guild NEEDS YOU! (well I do, so read on...)
Let's have a Rollcall.
FR gear
Pierce's Charming Enchants...
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