Archive for The Old Disorganised Forum Disorganised now exists only in our hearts and in our minds, all that remains here are the memories of better times

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Remember this?
Done tanking
Karazhan raiding rotation schedule - CHANGED!
New Patch, my highest crusader crit :)
Ab Game
Tirion and the Silver Hand Order
my spec
Paladin DPS in Naxx
dam real life :P
Blessing of Sanctuary
The Essential Selection 23/08 - 29/08
AFK for a few days
The essential Selection
Question to Pally's!
Holiday for me
Paladin Mod
Why i left
Congrates to Balin
Blessing of Kings
Aq Books
Uber Shield
Pala items
Resignation from Guild
Pala Power!
Ur. talent tree.
New Palas and how it works
Sir Uther the Lightbringer
Small trick hehehe
Few Tips for MC
The Paladin Forum
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