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Mage Application

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 5:12 pm    Post subject: Mage Application  Reply with quote

Hey ther' Disorganised, her is a apply from a old school player.

Real name: Kim
My Country: Denmark
Age: 22

Character Name: Zhacria
Level: 70
Class: Mage
Talents / Specs: 4/0/57 (Frost)
Armory Profile: Zhacria

Im a changable player, i can change my style of play if it is needed and im allso a very friendly person, helping other players is no problem at all either if needed.

Im interrested interested in the Disorganised becouse they have been a good guild for some time now and i have played with allot of the players from Disorgnised over a long time. They all seemed like they know what they are doing. I can add some good mage play Smile and some talk to the guild plus im helpfull in helping other players grinding and getting stuff they need. ( dont mind using my time to help others)

I just started playing again after a little break do to some projects in real life, but i play from 17:00 till 00:00 or a bit longer if i feel for it. The only change in my playtime is Summer and Winter, in the summer it is the sitting above and in winter it is allot longer.

Im playing in a fun gaming guild so there is no hard feelings for leaving,
but im leaving it becouse i want my main char to rise up again after this short break from wow so im looking for something good like Disorganised.

I Have only applied to Disorganised i only apply for 1 guild at a time,
to honor the Guild if i get accepted. So i can give it my full support
and so the guild knows that im a staying player and im looking for a random guild, just so i can get some fast loot. (Im not the type that plays for the loot, im playing for my team to extend their horizon to succeed at things so we can get to higher goals.

I havnt played that much Burning Crusade, so im just about to start the key collecting. (Becouse of the break i havnt got started yet)
Im not attuned to Kraza either (yet) (a big minus in my own oppinon Sad )

I think you should know that im a happy pvp gamer,
it is intertaining and im looking at it as one of the things in this game that i enjoy most, but im a hardworking person allso, I do the important things that is needed of my guild/team befor I have my PVP fun Very Happy so dont worry PvP wont affect my PvE playing. I have experience in end game PVE with guilds as Snakeeyes, Illuminati and Polar Nerds when they were a more activ guild. Before the TBC i had played in all 40 man instances
and been a part of completing them.

My way of interest

1 ...20-40 Guild Raids
2~3 ...5-15 group instances
2~3 ...PvP
4 ...Just logging on to chat and doing the occasional instance

Hope you like it
Catch me in the snow if you can;)
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 1:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi well most of the guild has formed a new guild called inspiration ,and well maybe if you contact fricka or culluyn they can fill you in on application for that guild if your interested ?

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